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Moroccan Amber Vanilla Hair Butter - On Sale While Supplies Last!

A moisturizing and conditioning emollient for the hair.  The same moisturizing blend as our Shea Butter Balm, with the essential addition of Tea Tree Oil to cleanse and moisturize your scalp.  The ideal conditioning pomade for ethnic hair and anyone with curly, strong-willed hair.  Never greasy.

This is an amazing product as two people I know personally can attest...

Seddrick:  The first time I met with this young man for coffee to welcome him to the Soul Purpose business, I was fascinated as he told me about his experience with the Moroccan Amber Vanilla Hair butter.  I couldn't tell to look at him, but he apparently suffered from premature balding and it was complete reversed with this product.  He had a low-profile hair cut, but it looked healthy, thick and he had a good hairline (and you know I inspected it!)

My Mom:  With age, I suppose a little hair thinning is to be expected but my mom's hair was thinning all over and it was shocking how much of her scalp I could see.  I shared Seddrick's experience with the hair butter with her and she agreed to try it.  Within days of massaging it into her scalp, she was singing its praises because her hair began to thicken up and grow.

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Item # SP339
Retail $20
Discount Price* $15

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*While supplies last.

Top 10 Reasons #ILOVEWHATIDO

When people get that look when I tell them that I am a full-time direct seller or my mom refers to my "little business", I simply smile. Because I know I'd much rather work for myself than punch someone else's clock any day! 

As I thought about it, it didn't take me long to come up with the...


Hopefully, my list will inspire you to think about how happy you are doing what you do.  If you love it, great! Give it your all and continue to live your dream.  If not however, I trust you will soon discover your true passion and a pathway to pursue it.  Perhaps, my list might encourage you to consider a career in direct sales. After 35 years, I can truly say it has been stimulating, rewarding and it has given me confidence in my own ability as a woman, leader and entrepreneur. Let me know if you'd like a FREE 15-minute personal coaching call to help you take the next step in living your best life.

#1 Time Freedom is the first on the list I'll share over the coming days and I invite you to join the conversation by commenting here and on FaceBook. Everyone who responds to the Conversation Question will receive FREE samples* and you'll be automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE product - valued at $20 or more!

Today's Drawing Prize:  

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